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Airbrush Sunless Spray Tan:                  


*NEW clients will receive their first tan for only $20!


Achieve a perfect sun kissed glow with Norvell's nontoxic sunless spray solution. This specially formulated solution is paraben, gluten, sulfate, and phthalate free and does not contain propylene glycol or any synthetic fragrance.

Norvell uses only top of the line DHT (Dihydroxyaceton). DHT is derived from sugar cane and beet to react with the amino acids in the skin to achieve the signature darkening effect of a sunless tan. Its subtle violet pigment gives a natural look without any orange. 

These beautiful sunless tans typically last 4-7 days with proper care and a variety of amenities are provided, including...

  • complimentary glass of champagne

  • sticky feet protectors

  • nose plugs

  • a disposable cap

  • a disposable bandeau bra

  • underwear 

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